Aleksandar Spasoski, Artist and Creative Director

Gästebuch – 2021

“There is no better solution than when someone pushes you through the whole process and gives you directions from a completely different perspective. Of course, the period was extremely difficult to find work due to the consequences of COVID-19.

But there was something more interesting in the session itself, apart from the fact that I had the opportunity to improve my communication with my German, a significant question opened up to me again.

What really makes me happiest in life and what would I like to live on?

Now that I had finished my consultation session with Claudia Klischat from KMKB network consulting office, I resumed my journey. I‘m still struggling. But with a different experience.

But more and more often a single word or mantra came to my mind. I‘m sure you all know the following phenomenon. In life, we have a million friendships, exchanging opinions with people of all types. But it often happens that we take from any friendship or meeting at least one word that will remain in our head. That one word will always follow us in life as a little instructive reminder.
For example my father who always had short comments. His word „The epilogue is important“ resounds in my whole life! I have several such words remembered from such meetings.

I have one very important word left from Claudia that always gives me hope. She recognised my talents well, but she also recognised that I was torn between the work I did for a living and the art I did from the heart. I felt like I was living a life where I was putting off the things I really love. It was as if I was in bars that I could not do art 100 percent because I had to have a job that would bring me a regular income.

She reminded me beautifully of a great truth. Her words still ring in my head and remind me regularly when I lose hope!
„You only have one life, when if not now”.”

Aleksandar Spasoski, Artist and Creative Director

kmkb Aleksandar Spasoski, Artist and Creative Director